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We are well recognized manufacturer and exporter of Sidewall conveyor belts in India. Our sidewall conveyor belt is one of the most effective way of uplifting materials at an inclined angle in a confined space. Our sidewall conveyor belts are made from top-notch quality rubber materials which are carefully fabricated to create dimensionally accurate and very strong belt.

These belts are manufactured with main components like Cross-stabilized Base Belts, Sidewall or cleats that are custom designed. Conveyor Belts widely finds application in varied industries for zero spillage, fast and bulk material handling. This belt is also used for horizontal, sloping or vertical conveyance.

Cleated Sidewall Conveyor belt can be designed into a set of complete transportation system according to application. As these belts are manufactured from high elasticity and strength rubber compound, they offer excellent flexibility and therefore maximum flexing. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the Reliable Sidewall Conveyor Belt Exporters.

Sidewall Conveyor Belt Exporter Sidewall Cleated Conveyor Belt, India Sidewall Belt Conveyors Manufacturer
Features Why Our Sidewall Conveyor Belts?
  • Belts are easy on material transported
  • Space saving design
  • Superior Adhesion Levels
  • Higher Longitudinal Flexibility
  • Improved Transverse Flexibility
  • Higher Tensile Strength
  • Low Belt Stretch
  • Outstanding Impact Resistance
  • Superior joint efficiency & increased life

Our Sidewall Conveyor Belts are best suited to the clients as they have no transfer points, zero spillage, space saving, minimum maintenance and low power requirement. We are into manufacturing Sidewall Belts upto 1800mm width.

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