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Rough Top Conveyor Belt

We specialize in the manufacture and supply of Rough Top Belt that are suitable for transportation of sacks, boxes and parcels. Rough Top Conveyor Belt is made of non -slip surface and the wave top design provides excellent grip for conveying bagged material on truck loading systems.

Our Rough Top Conveyor Belts are exclusively manufactured for Baggage Handling Systems, besides finding usage in Cement and Fertilizer plants. Dealing in Grass Conveyor Belts has also earned us loads of appreciation in the market. These Conveyor Belts are available in various thicknesses, colors and surface finishes. We also supply Conveyor Belts and EP Conveyor Belt in India.

Rough Top Conveyor Belt Exporter Rough Top Conveyor Belt Supplier Rough Top Belt in India



  • For transporting light goods having movement in either inclined or horizontal
  • Suitable for transportation of fragile as well as pack goods like papers, bags, glass
  • Cement, Sugar and Food industries
  • anufacturing and Packaging Industry
  • Ideal for running over table and flat panel.
  • Perfect Finish
  • Black cover for utility applications
  • Provides excellent grip between belt top and packages, such as cartons, jute packages.
  • Available with bare back – bottom cover, to give excellent grip to the conveyor belt.
Why Our Rough Top Conveyor Belts  
  • Helps in creating less friction coefficients
  • Used in transportation of light weight goods, also on inclined surfaces.
  • The special surface absorbs vibrations and impacts and also prevents material from slipping back.
  • Allows perfect running over table & flat panel
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