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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

We are prime manufacturers and exporters of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt made using heat resistant quality rubber. Our belts are manufactured using quality raw material and unique methodologies that enhance their durability and workability. The temperature of heat resistant conveyor belts depends on kind, size, temperature, quantity of the material to be carried, belt speed, belt length, etc. This belt is premeditated for transporting cement clinker, cokes, sintered ores, soda ash, chemicals, fertilizers etc.

The belt is suited for heat resistance applications, where the temperature of conveyed materials exceeds 70°C and for transporting hot material. It also finds application in Iron and steel plant, Metallurgy plant, Cement plant, Casting plant and Fertilizer plant.

The functional life of Heat Resistance Rubber Conveyor Belt depend on wear properties of materials, size of materials, length of belt, speed of conveyor, fall during loading and involved chemical action. These are dimensionally accurate as per international standards.

Heat Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt Heat Resistant Conveyor Belting Gujarat



  • Cement Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Suitable for conveying hot material like powder or clump materials at high temperature.
  • Ideal for conveying sintered ores, cokes, soda ash, chemical fertilizer, slag and foundry.
  • It can resist high temperature.
  • Perfect to protect conveyor belt from cracking and hardening by heat
  • Rubber cover and carcass capable to withstand high temperature
Why Our Rough Top Conveyor Belts  

Our Heat Resistant Belts are manufactured with extreme precision using quality methods, widely used in various industrial applications. This Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are also resistant to oils and minerals. Conveyor Belts are in bulk demand for handling Steel & Alloys, Rolling Plants, lead, zinc, Iron Ores, Gaseous Coal Lignite etc.

Available in various grades such as
  • Heat Resistant (HR)
  • Super Heat Resistant (SHR)
  • Ultra Heat Resistant (UHR)
  • Heat & Oil Resistant (HOR)
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