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Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

We are well reckoned as the top Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India. Ethylene vinyl acetate rubber (EVM), and aluminum hydroxide that act as a fire-proofing agent in manufacturing Flame Resistant Conveyor Belts. These belts are primarily needed for internal transportation within buildings and also in tunnels and mines where safety is of paramount importance.

Our fire resistant conveyor belts are immaculate to prevent fire risks in coal mines and reduce the maintenance of conveyors, which are prone to be smashed by flame at the blast furnaces of iron works.

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts are much-admired for Coal Mines and Coal Handling Plants, Gaseous hard coke Lignite Mines / Plants. These Conveyor Belts are specifically designed to prevent them from gaseous sparking contents, having ambient temperatures, where there is always a constant fear of occurrence of any hazard.

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturer Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt Exporter Fire Resistant Grade Conveyor Belt Supplier



  • Coal Handling Plants
  • Thermal power plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Electric Utilities
  • High tensile strength
  • Flame-resistant
  • Static-conductive
  • Resistant to high heat & wear
  • Capability to perform under extreme temperatures
  • High abrasion resistance
Why Our Rough Top Conveyor Belts  

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt is precisely manufactured to avert fire from spreading over the entire belt. The self-extinguishing design of this belt offers best service conditions for coal mining industries. This belt is idyllic for heavy duty and extra heavy duty applications.

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